All A Girl Wants….

I have always been an avid reader. As far as I remember, I would always have something to read in my hands as I would sit in front of TV, or just chilling randomly with my folks. I couldn’t ever fall asleep without a good number of pages taking me into the slumber valley as I lay in my bed. As all things change with time, so did I. Books and novels got replaced by my smartphone. Long, thrilling, engaging fiction got replaced by cooking recipes, tips and tricks of having, feeding and raising a baby and a ton of other mommy blogs and portals. Mommy blogs, where mothers from all around the world talk about kids, and cooking, and cleaning, and home decor, and relationships, and whatever it is they want to talk about any given day.

Subscribed to a ton of blogs, and reading a lot more through their facebook feeds, I realize how similar mums are the world over. There are thousands and thousands of different women out there, but as mothers, as wives, as partners, they are all the same. We are all the same.

And the biggest thing that brings us all together, in this big virtual sorority forum is our need to have an ear to us. Regardless of our stories, our circumstances, regardless of the size or the dynamics of our families, our education or professions or social status, our choices and our compromises, there is one thing a woman can never be without. The desire to talk it out. Whether it is the simple happiness of baking a good cake, or the disappointment of having a ruined one, she has to tell it to someone. Women sharing how to help babies sleep during afternoon, that one ingredient that cleans all the nasty stains, the perfect recipe of a fried chicken or a new mason jar DIY idea, it’s not just information. It’s these ladies pouring their hearts and tiny portion of their lives out. It is these ladies being heard. (I must admit a lot of things in my life are easier now thanks to listening to countless lovely ladies out there sharing their wisdom).

Bless all the women out there working hard to make the houses homes, living the life that would make others’ more meaningful, or maybe I shouldn’t say ‘others’, because whoever is worth giving up the life we initially decided about is actually not other, but our very own like no other… but reading so many takes on relationship and homemaking, parenting and studying and cooking, I wonder if the let out the internet provides was available to all of us before it too?


How many of us have the satisfaction of pouring out our days’ highlights in words, not through a blog, but through lips. While we run around kids and kitchen, and many of us balancing it with a profession too, at the end of the day, how many of us would have the time and the contentment of sharing our tiny accomplishments, our minor worries, our stupid hopes and our even stupid fears? How important it is for a woman to talk it out..and how can one make oneself heard, and felt, and accomplished and satisfied at the end of the day? Whom do you de-stress with? Who is your gossip partner? Who do you look forward to sharing your day’s story with? Maybe your husband, or daughter, a friend, colleague or a neighbour? What gives your day’s story closure? How do you let out the narrative and be re-energized to go on for one more?





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